Look Like Photos: Sahar Ghoreyshi & Sophie Charlotte

 Sophie Charlotte (born April 29, 1989) is a German-Brazilian actress and ballet dancer.Born in Hamburg, Germany, Sophie moved to Brazil when she was seven years-old. At age 19 she left her parents’ home in Niterói, to live in Rio de Janeiro with her friend Carolinie Figueiredo, with whom she shared an apartment.



One thought on “Look Like Photos: Sahar Ghoreyshi & Sophie Charlotte

  1. ای بابا چقدر سحر قریشی رو زوم این میکنید چقدر خودشونو مطرح میکنن حالم بهم خورد موضوع دیکه ای نیست ازش حرف بزنید

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